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One-to-one supervision

One-to-one supervision sessions are carried out at my office in Cork by appointment only. If you are interested in discussing your supervision requirements and finding out more about the way I work please use the contact page to get in touch with me and organise an introductory chat, so that we can tailor the process to your individual needs. This would be free of charge and free of obligation. I believe it is important that you have the opportunity to meet your potential supervisor and for you feel at ease.

Supervision will be relevant to your work, your organisation and the challenges you face. It will enable you to reflect on your work in a supportive and non-judgemental environment so as you can improve your effectiveness in your role, and quite possibly reduce your stress levels too.

My fee for one-to-one supervision is €100 per session.

One-to-one supervision using Skype®

Skype® sessions can be a useful alternative when distance and travelling times make face-to-face sessions impractical. They are often the preferred choice for busy and experienced therapists and coaches. You need a broadband connection and a computer with both camera and microphone to be able to use this method. It is important that Skype® not be the sole modality for supervision. From time to time direct work, either one-to-one or in group  supervision must be undertaken in addition to the online sessions.

I have not found Skype® to be satisfactory for group supervision work, and only use it for one-to-one sessions.

My fee for Skype supervision is €80 per session, payable 24 hours in advance via PayPal or via cheque.

Skype software can be dowloaded free of charge from this link.

Group Supervision

I am not conducting group sessions at the moment as I do not have access to a suitably sized room at Riverside. However, should a group (up to five persons) wish to form for supervision purposes I would be most happy to facilitate this. Persons would need to be committed to active participation in the group and to regular attendance. Cost would depend on group size as it would necessitate renting a room for the purpose. Please contact me if you are interested in forming a supervision group.

Office hours

I am available for supervision (by appointment only) between 9am and 5pm , Monday to Friday. Group sessions can be facilitated in the evenings if necessary.